Show N Tell

Every biker has (or will have) at least one "butt pucker" moment. Have you had one of those moments when you know there just had to be an angel on your shoulder? Tell us about it and upload a photo of yourself and/or your ride (optional - we would love to see your pictures, but do or don't - your choice.). We'll send you a St.Urgis cleaning a cloth for glasses just for sending us a story and we'll add your story to our site.

Image files (up to 5MB) allowed are .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .png and .pdf

Word text document files can be uploaded where indicated as .doc .txt or .pdf files, or you can simply type or paste your story where indicated below.

Don't forget to give us your full mailing address including zip code so that we can send you a decal!

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Please note: by submitting your photos/story, you are stating that you are the owner of the images and giving St.Urgis permission to share them.
Thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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